A Java Interface for Mitsubishi RVM1 Robot


Download and Installation Instructions

In order to acquire JRobot, please send an email to one of these addresses (in the given order):

And we will reply you with the jrobot.zip file attached.

This will be replaced soon by PHP download pages, it is intended only for us to know how many people is using this sowftware, we apologize for this 'bureaucratic procedure'.


Please read the README.txt file from the distribution in order to get more accurate instructions for using with Linux, etc.


After installing all needed software in your computer, you must do:

  1. Unzip the files in jrobot.zip.
  2. If needed change the path to the JMF and JAVA libraries in the compile.bat and run.bat files. They are configured to search the path by default on Windows.
  3. Run the compile.bat program
  4. Run the setpath.bat program (needed to set the library path).
  5. Run the run.bat program
  6. Enjoy JRobot!!!!!

RVM1 server

When using the RVM1 in a remote way; you have to have a server running in the mchine where the robot is connected. For this, just run the comand: robot_srv followed by the number of the server port.

Using a Camera

Connect your favourite camera to your machine and register it with the jmfregistry utility from JMF. You should see your camera registering itself to JAVA. Once this is done, you can choose your camera device from a list of devices when click in the option 'Capture from localhost' from the Camera pane.

Or, you can launch a RTP Server from the machine that has the camera connected:

> camera_srv

Choose your device and click when you want to begin the transmission and stop when you want to finish it.

Launch JRobot and choose Capture from RTP Server from the Camera pane.