A Java Interface for Mitsubishi RVM1 Robot



JRobot is a JAVA application that eases the use of a RVM1 robot. Indeed, it has many features that make its use very friendly and intuitive.

Some of the features are:

  • Easy programming with editor: saving, loading, executing programs as easy as 'hello'.
  • Output window to know any time what's happening
  • Virtual view in JAVA3D created with milimeter precision,
  • Possible view with a camera, on local or remote through a RTP server,
  • Possible connection to RVM1 robot by serial port or remote through a server.


The first steps of JRobot were when, after a lot of work, the University of Geneva (thanks Carlo Jelmini) developed a library in Java for the manipulation of a RVM1 robot.

The first JRobot was developed by Michel Deriaz and it showed already some of the big possibilities of this library, which is or example the programming with RVM1.

Vladimir Calderón is reponsible for the virtual view, optional view with a camera and the joystick manipulation.

But... there is still more goals to achieve. Next features desired for JRobot are:

  • Multiple views for cameras.
  • Improve interaction of JRobot in virtual world.

We hope you enjoy using this application.