A Java Interface for Mitsubishi RVM1 Robot


Needed Software for JRobot


The JAVA 2 Standard Development Kit v.1.4.0. The last version is needed because we use some Swing features only present in this version.

Free download from here.

JMF 2.1.1

The Java Media Framework is an API that gives us the possibility to create our RTP servers, clients; capture from cameras, capture audio.... uffff. Well, everything that has to do with media (audio and video).

This is a big API available FREE from the Sun pages. The last version is 2.1.1 and it works fine with Linux and Windows.


This is another wonderful API from Sun. It provides the user the capability to create easily scenes in 3D, as well as to enable some behaviors in response to user manipulations.

This API is very powerful and has already the classes for morphing and high level animations as particle simulation. The process for the rendering is passed to OpenGL.


This API was developed by the Vision Group of the University of Geneva. This API has all the classes needed for instantiating a robot object capable of receiving the RVM1 commands. These commands are queued in its command queue which executes these commands as fast as the RVM1 robot executes them.

Yeah! The commands are synchronized with the robot. The API guarantees that no command is lost. Along with the possibility of a connection through the serial port, the API provides us a test connection and a remote connection via socket.

This API comes with the zip file in the download section.


This is a little API that provides the serial port manipulation in JAVA.

This API comes with the zip file in the download section.

Joystick API:

This is a little API that will let us manipulate a joystick in a Windows environment.

The zip file in the download section contains already this API.